2 Channel Class-D Amplifier Module

You deliver the speaker, we deliver the custom power solution

✔    Turnkey active speaker solution with integrated DSP
✔    Two Channels; 1 x 750W/8ohm & 1 x 300W/4ohm
✔   Super compact design
✔   Built-in active PFC
✔   Versatile input configuration

SMA-1 is a self-powered Class-D amplifier module, designed to offer an easily customizable, turnkey OEM solution for active 2-way PA speakers. The heart of this solution is a purpose-designed amplifier module with a comprehensive set of bells and whistles on board, allowing it to be easily adapted to meet your brand’s requirements without the need for a long, expensive custom development trajectory.

SMA-1 combines a switch mode power supply, two Class-D power amplifiers, a powerful Analog Devices ADAU1462 DSP supported by high-performance AKM Analog to Digital (AK5552VN) and Digital to Analog (AK4452VN) conversion stages and all the necessary analog circuitry, optimized for sonic performance on a single compact PCBA.

Customization is achieved by means of a small input connector PCB, allowing you to determine connector and control layouts and providing the potential to add further input sources, such as mic inputs, Bluetooth or network audio. You can also choose the user interface, from simple LED indicators to a full graphic display, in line with your budget, application and brand identity.

SMA-1’s high-performance integrated DSP enables the user to easily implement custom filter algorithms and create their sound signature without having to worry about the hardware or any interconnections.

The SMA-1 module features APEX’s GlidePath direct drive technology. GlidePath is a proprietary Class-D technology where the DSP is an integral part of the amplifier system. Other than one capacitor at the audio input side to protect amplifying DC voltages, the audio signal path traveling through the ADCDSP-DAC-AMPLIFIER is completely DC coupled.

GlidePath direct drive technology delivers major advantages over regular Class-D amplifiers, including significant improvements in cone excursion and transient response. A module equipped with GlidePath will clip later as the peak levels on both sides of the sinus are close to equal. In addition, GlidePath has more output at the initial impulse (+10%) and the cones swing less after the signal stops even at 200Hz (-10% excursion). All these improvements are very clearly audible and result in a cleaner, more powerful low end experience compared to traditional Class-D designs.




Block diagram